The Creative Florist, Mathilda, Joins Wanzom Associate Club

The Creative Florist, Mathilda, Joins Wanzom Associate Club

Mathilda is a budding creative florist who embarked on her floral journey less than a year ago. With a passion for blooms and an innate talent for crafting stunning arrangements, she founded her own firm called Rhodflowers about a year ago. Since its inception, Mathilda's venture has blossomed, and she's garnered a reputation for her unique and artistic floral creations.

Her creativity and flair for floristry have led to numerous collaborations with prominent brands, solidifying her presence in the industry. Mathilda's designs have graced events and campaigns, leaving a lasting impression on clients and audiences alike.

Wanzom is absolutely delighted to welcome Mathilda as a new Associate, and we're eagerly anticipating the exciting events and collaborations that lie ahead with her. Her unique talent and creative approach to floristry make her a truly exceptional addition to the Wanzom Associate Club. Mathilda embodies the kind of talent and innovation that Wanzom Associates proudly embrace, and we're thrilled to have her as part of our distinguished community. Her presence is sure to enrich our network and inspire us all with her remarkable floral artistry.

There is always a beginning, and this is a new beginning on a great association. 


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